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Shit And Die, the exhibition 2015

Shit And Die, the exhibition 2015

2014 Maurizio Cattelan's book 'Shit and Die' is a project by Maurizio Cattelan, Myriam Ben Salah and Marta Papini, published as part of the homonymous exhibition in Torino (November 6th 2014 – January 11th 2015).
The publication is not a mere comment on the exhibition, it could be seen as an extension of it, a missing room. As the show, it is conceived as the most subjective, obsessive, and irrationally non exhaustive composition.

"Shit and Die: Maurizio Cattelan Photographed by Ari Marcopoulos" is printed in a limited edition of an unknown amount copies, and includes a portrait of Maurizio Cattelan photographed by Ari Marcopoulos.

"Shit and Die" explores the human condition and its torments, featuring an array of established and emerging visual artists such as Davide Balula, Guy Ben-Ner, Petrit Halilaj, Dorothy Iannone, Yan Pei-Ming, Carol Rama, George Condo, Martin Creed, Jim Shaw and Andra Ursuta.

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language: english
pages: 152
binding: paperback
release: December 2014

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